Monday, 25 November 2019

The Easy Breezy Dress


I know you will be wondering why I named this dress the easy breezy dress. You will understand soon with these 8 reasons. 

This dress looks simple but yet powerful. It is a multipurpose dress. A dress one can style and go from zero to 100 in a second. 

1) A dress you can pair with a
jacket and it gives you a corporate look.

2) A dress you can wear with sneakers and it gives you a causal but classy look. Here is a post on beautiful ways to wear sneakers on all kinds of outfit.

3) A dress you can pair with sandals or stilettos for a dinner date etc. 

4) A dress you go to a wedding on and look dashing when paired with a scarf. Here is 20 different ways to wear scarves

5) A dress you can easily wear when the weather is hot.

6) The holiday season is upon us and there will be so many running of errands. However, this is the type of dress you wear looking classy while still busy.

7) A dress you can wear to the beach with slippers or flat sandals while leaving your hair down.

8) A dress that looks amazing on any shape type either slim or plus size. 

Now you can see why I called this dress the easy brezzy dress right? It is so easy to wear, simple yet classy. A dress you get to wear while still looking and feeling like a Queen that you are.

*** HERE is where you can get the easy brezzy dress from.

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