Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Taking Advantage Of The Biggest Market In The World


As we all know, a market is a place where goods are sold and services are rendered.

Now, there is a market that is well known that has made many silent millionaries if not billionaires. As popular as this market is not many know how powerful it is.

As things evolve, the market gets bigger and makes more people richer. You may ask, what is the name of this market?
It is simply known as the ONLINE MARKET.

The online market is the next avenue for job creations. The only thing is that you get to create job for yourself and only the strongest remains in the market or survives because it is all about consistency and persistence .

Many have underestimated this market. Many have underutilized what it can do while many smile to the bank daily all as a result of this market.

Have you noticed that many shop owners in local markets now have an online presence? This online presence has made them sell more goods as compared to just sitting in their shops and waiting for customers to walk in. They sell goods to customers that they have never met... customers from different walks of life...customers who live abroad or customers who live in a different states but in the same country. This is the power of the online market.

The biggest shopping website in the world is Alibaba and AliExpress. This is 100% an online market and this market has made its owner Jack Ma one of the richest men on earth.

I remember I came across a picture sometime ago that said, your business is doomed for failure if it doesn't have an online presence .

Many are taking advantage of this online market so well that they do not need to have a physical shop before they can transact with people.

Many are staying in their rooms and conducting classes like makeup classes, learning to tie gel, digital marketing, forex etc and these classes are attended by thousands of people while they cart away with millions.

Many are writing ebooks and smiling to the bank.

Many have become millionaires by just making videos to entertain people.

It is not all about being shy or not knowing people or caring about what people will say. As long as what you have to offer has value, you know how to package yourself and you are consistent, your work will speak for you and bring customers your way.

Now the question is, are you willing to take advantage of the biggest market in the world?

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