Monday, 4 November 2019

Hello Chidinma, My Woman Is Parties A Lot And Barely Saves

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Dear Chidinma,

How are you doing? I am sorry for any inconvenience this mail might bring you. My wife reads your blog, I therefore decided to send you this mail for her to see it and know that I am not happy. 

My wife parties a lot. Every weekend she is at one party or the other. If she doesn't buy one dress today, she will definitely buy one shoe tomorrow. I am not saying
she shouldn't party or shop, I give her money for that aside from the money she earns. But this is getting way out of hand.

She barely saves. If you ask her to please help sort a few of our domestic issues, she would flare up immediately and say, I know she doesn't have money. This is few days after her salary has been paid. Gosh! 
She has so many friends which she invites over all the time this doesn't exclude male friends o. Some of her friends wear seductive dresses and doesn't know the meaning of boundaries. I have spoken to her concerning this over and over again but it all turn on deaf ears.

From work, she hangs out with friends before deciding to come home. There was a day she was supposed to pick the kids up from school but was no where to be found. My children's schools kept calling me to come pick them up as they will be closing soon to prepare for thet next day because my wife wasn't picking up their calls. I had to drive down to go pick up the kids myself. Sigh! 
When I finally got through to her, she said they were on their way home, that the traffic was much.  
Now note: The way to her place of work is always against traffic. So there is hardly traffic whenever she is coming back. She is the one that requested the kids school be near her office so that she can always bring them back. The kids do stay back after school hours for after school care in order to meet up with their mother's closing hours. 

I am losing it. We basically eat take outs at home. That is days, I am not able to cook. All the does at home is play "I can't kill myself o" by Timaya. Of course, when she is at home that is. The house is always a mess. The kids are too small to help out. Although I try my best around the house.

I have asked her severally for her permission to hire a cook and a cleaner as na woman get the house. She always blurntly refuse. That she doesn't want to anyone to destroy her home. Sigh!

I am losing my mind and this is affecting me at work. I love my wife that is why I am writing this. Her Parents, Siblings even Grand Parents have all spoken to her still no changes. If she reads your blog, she ought to be inspired abi? Please inspire her. Ask your readers to do same. 

Please don't post my name. Best Regards

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  1. There will surely be one person she listens to, maybe a Pastor, a boss or a friend.
    What if she is lacking attention from you her husband? Try and understand what is going on in the head of your wife and help. A woman with a home and children doesn't act this way. Something must be eating her up. Try and communicate with your wife and stopsreporting her to an online platform


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