Monday, 25 November 2019

Come Let's Magnify The Only True God!


  1. He is the All Powerful God
  2. The God whose greatness knows no bound.
  3. He is the I am that I am.
  4. He is the consuming fire. 
  5. The unquestionable God .
  6. The One who is, who was and is to come. 
  7. He is the giver of life and every good thing. 
  8. The one who took the key of death from the devil.
  9. The unchangable changer.
  10. The balm of Gilead
  11. He is the root of David .
  12. The Omnipotent God. 
  13. The God that Heaven is His throne and the Earth His footstool.
  14. He is the Omnipresent God.
  15. The One you call once and He answers ten times.
  16. The God who is too faithful to fail.
  17. The man of war.
  18. The rose of Shalom.
  19. The Most High God. 
  20. He is the talk and do God. 
  21. The One who uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. 
  22. The Beginning and the End .
  23. The One who turns the heart of the king to the direction He pleases. 
  24. The God who owns all the sliver and gold .
  25. The God who owns the Earth and all that is in it. 
  26. The miracle working God. 
  27. The One who fed more than 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. 
  28. The One who suspended the law of gravity. 
  29. The immortal God. 
  30. The God whose wisdom has no end.
  31. The Greatest Director.
  32. The World Best Guardian.
  33. The Inspirer. 
  34. The Motivator
  35. The Forgiver. 
  36. The God of second chance. 
  37. The God who reveals deep and secret things. 
  38. The Rock of Ages. 
  39. The 4th man in the fiery furnace. 
  40. The Everlasting God.
  41. The greatest Architect ever known to man.
  42. The God whose existence and how He came to being remains the Greatest mystery of all time.
  43. The selfless God. 
  44. He is a loving Father. 
  45. He is the Prince of Peace.
  46. The Ocean Master. 
  47. The God who owns on the power in Heaven, on Earth and underneath the earth.
  48. He is Ebube Dike!
  49. The Best Friend any soul can ever have. 
  50. He is the Glorious King.
  51. The God whose reign has no end.
  52. The Greatest Provider.
  53. The Greatest Protector. 
  54. The impartial God. 
  55. The Invisible God.
  56. The God who every knee must bow to Him.
  57. The mystery solver
  58. The yoke/chain breaker.
  59. The One who sets captives free.
  60. The greatest deliverer.
  61. The Ever Faithful God .
  62. The King of Kings.
  63. The Lord of Lords.
  64. The King over all the Earth.
  65. The General Overseer.
  66. The One who neither sleeps nor slumber. 
  67. The One who a thousand day is like a day before Him.
  68. The only ONE who is perfect.
  69. The God that answers by fire. 
  70. The God whose name is a strong tower. 
  71. The Almighty God. 
  72. Jehovah is His name!

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