Monday, 18 November 2019

BOB, The New Boss Hair


Over the years, there is one hair I hated so much and that was Bob...reason being that I loved long and full hairs or I thought that was the only kind of hair that looked good on me. I believed, you no one can really look nice or classy on a short hair.

But I was wrong.
Short hairs especially Bob hairs are easy to maintain. They are super duper classy. They can be worn everywhere and anywhere. They can be straightened, curled, rolled and it will still come out amazing! No matter the length of your bob hair it is rest assured that it will look phenomenal on you .

You can wear a bob hair for lectures if you are a student, to work, to a causal gathering/outing, to a wedding, to an award ceremony, to a dinner date...infact if in doubt of what hair to make for a special event or outing...just choose a bob hair/wig.

No one can ever go wrong in bob hair/wig and the below pictures are proofs of the above this statement. These will show you why I called this short hair the Boss hair and why it will be a great choice for Christmas. ENJOY!

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