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8 Reasons Why You Need To Squat More


This was published in 2014

Squatting is a great way to tone body fats. Many believe that the only function of squatting is to lift the butt (without undergoing any form of surgery), well, they are right. However, that is one amongst the several things squatting does to/in the body. Some also believe that squatting is only for the ladies. They are, however wrong as the exercise squatting is for everyone.

Below, are the great functions of squatting in the body;

-Squatting makes one look and feel fit. 
Squatting is one of the fastest ways of looking fit. Some are of the opinion that they are slim and do not require being fit. 

Fitness however, makes you admire your body more than you ever did. Fitness helps boost one's self-confidence. You can only appreciate being slim when you put on your clothes. However, you appreciate being fit more when you take off your clothes and look at yourself in the mirror. 

-Squatting helps one build his/her leg muscles. It helps strengthen the leg muscles. Squatting helps tone down fats in a person's legs. It also helps one's legs look firm and more attractive in the eyes.

- If you want to be more flexible, more mobile and you want your body muscles to begin to work more efficiently well, then try doing squats. 
This means that squatting helps fight tiredness and it increases the strength in the body of man (a general term for both men and women). For mobility, strong and fit legs are a necessity. For one to be mobile, walk around without having to feel tired always, try squatting. Squatting also helps tighten the back muscles making it easier for one to have an easy movement.

-Squatting helps burn the fats in the body. Squatting burns laps fat, legs fat, amongst others. Most ladies and also some guys have fleshy laps and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, one can have them toned down by squatting. Squatting helps tone down the fleshy areas in the body. Squatting in general helps prevent one from being obese.

-Do you know that squatting helps tone down stomach fats? That is, squatting helps you give a tighter abs and a flatter tummy.

-Squatting also helps lift the butt. You need not spend money in undergoing any form of surgery to lift up your butt. You can easily squat and get the perfect butt you want.

-Do you know that squatting also helps fight heart diseases and also diabetes?

-Do you also know that squatting helps one easily pass out waste? That is, squatting helps the body to easily pass faeces.  

This is great to hear right? Then why not squat more if you are already squatting and if you haven’t started squatting, it’s never too late to start.

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

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