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7 Reasons Why You Need To Waist Train


Waist training...

I remember days when I used to be against waist training; how it will damage your internal organs blah blah.😩 Then I gave birth and my flat tummy wasn't so flat after all. Well, I guess life has a way of humbling people I guess. 😄

I witnessed situations where women after delivery have to tie their tummies so tight so that their stomachs will go back to how it was during pre-pregnancy. This was what our great grandmothers
usually do after childbirth. It now dawned on me that this actually is waist training. I see when women who just gave birth, started waist training (after Doctor's order), infact some hospitals will give you waist trainer suitable for you.

From my experience and from the testimonies of people, I have gathered 7 reasons why we (both men and women) need to wear waist trainers and they are;

1) It helps boost your confidence

It puts all the fats into place. It boosts your confidence level from 1% to 100% in a second.

2) It helps correct one's posture

Whenever you wear a waist trainer, you will instantly notice that your posture is correcting by itself. That is, you will notice that you are standing upright, there is no room for slouching either when sitting or standing. 

3) It relives one of back pains. 
Many swears that whenever they put on waist trainer, they get an instant relive of their back aches. 

4) It supports lower back. 

5) It makes one tummy flatter. This is gotten constantly wearing it. It is recommended that it should be worn for 8 hours daily. However, one must stop wearing it when he or she has gotten the desired result inorder not go overboard with it .

6) It helps with weight loss. When one wears waist trainer, it helps one caution what he or she eats daily.

7) It reshapes one's tummy to how it was before child birth. 

Now this is to note that, nobody's tummy actually goes back to how it was before giving birth. The stretch marks and saggy skin remains. This is because one's tummy stretches so much to carry a baby for 9 months.  Waist trainer just helps reshape one's tummy to look better than it was post pregnancy. 

When  you first start waist training, it will look as though the ground should open up and swallow you 😭.  But slowly you get used to it. You don't have to start wearing it for 8 hours immediately .You can start with 2 hours and gradually increase the hours as time goes on .

It is also important to get the right measurement of your waist line. The right measurement isn't  that you have to push your tummy in. The right measurement so that you get the right waist trainer suitable for you. 

You can get a good and affordable waist trainer here

I hope you were inspired by this post? I wish you success in your waist training journey. 

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