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15 Simple But Underestimated Skin Care Tips


Skin Care routine is always believed to be a woman thing but in actual fact it is for everyone. It is for men, women and children. 

There are times we believe we are doing everything right to get the soft, smooth and glowing skin we so desire but it isn't just coming through. We end up spending so much on skin care products however the skin isn't improving but getting worse. 

Now as one advances in age, the skin needs more care and becomes more sensitive. If probably skin care tips/routine isn't properly followed, one tends to start lookimg other than his/her age. Many atimes, what our skin needs to be soft, smooth and glow are so simple that we usually over do look them. 

These things are:

1) Drink lots of water in a day. 
Water helps flush out every unwanted particles in the body. Ever heard "if you have skin problems, increase your water intake"?. The importance of water for a healthy and glowing skin cannot be overemphasized.

2) Change your bed sheet and pillow case regularly. 
This is because you are exposing your skin to dirt and it irritates the skin. 

3) Wash your hands often.
Many atimes, we wipe or touch our face with our hands unknown to us that our hands are dirty. This irritates the skin making our skin to react against it.

4) Cut down on sugary drinks.

5) Cut down on fried meals. 

6) Cut down on oily foods. 

7) Always have handkerchief handy to wipe your oily face or when the face gets oily. When  this isn't done, the oily participles gives one pimples/acne.

8) Regularly take your vitamin supplements. This is a good example.

9) Moturise your skin especially after bathing. This is because, after bathing our skin pores are open. The importance of moturising the skin is always underestimated.

10) As a lady/woman, never sleep with your make up still on your face. 

11) Change your bathing towel often.

12) Avoid stress. Stress always has a negative impact of the skin. Whenever you have undergone stress, always exfoliate. 

13) Always wash your make up brushes. 

14) Eat healthy.  Never play with your fruits and vegetables.

If you have feel there are some 

15) Rest! Little wonder it is called beauty sleep. 

If you believe that some care tips are missing. Please feel free to mention them in the comment section let's learn and inspire one another. 

Be inspired To Look And Feel Healthy

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  1. Thank you for this.
    I am guilty of most of the things up there. I will try and change.I need a glowing skin for Christmas, abroad guys are coming back home. lol


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