Wednesday, 6 November 2019

10 Businesses You Can Do Online As A Side Hustle

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There are business opportunities everywhere on the internet. The question is, are many people aware of these opportunities? The lack of employment has made many seek for other legitimate ways to survive or to earn a living. 

Funny enough, many people with jobs still look for opportunities to venture into other businesses while still on their jobs in order for them to provide their families with a better life. This is also known as a side hustle which we talked about here In this technology age, it is all about working smart and earning a living while doing so. 

There are 10 online businesses anyone can venture into with little capital and they are:

1) Data business - if you have as little as N5000, you can start this business. 
To know more about this and how you can start without making mistakes, please WhatsApp this number: 0815 322 6766

2) Mini importation - importing goods at a cheap price and selling at an affordable rate to people. 

3) Forex trading- many have built estates doing this business. I personally know of someone who started with N20,000 and grew it to N1.2million within 4 months. All that is needed is a phone, data and a coach who knows forex very well. 

4) Online business - this goes in line with mini importation. But with mini importation, you can go out to market your goods while with online business, you can sit at home and sell your products to customers online. 
You can actually do the same thing with mini importation if you don't want to be marketing goods to people. 

5) Providing a service - With this, all you need is a laptop or a phone an data .Services can be in form of wig making, gele tying, makeup, digital marketing, creating websites for a fee etc

6) Sell an ebook- Write a book and make it available in soft copy.

7) Vlogging- This has to do with YouTube. You have to look for what exactly you love and vlog about it. It could about fashion, food, interior decoration, make up etc. Then be consistent about it. 

All you need is a camera (phone camera will do for now till you start making money to get a better camera).

8) Blogging - Find a niche, something you love and write on it. If you are looking for quick money, blogging isn't for you as it takes time. But with consistency and most importantly doing it passionately, money will start coming with time.

9) Freelance writer - if you know how to write well, there are websites looking for writers. Websites like fiver, upwork etc You are paid $20-$100 per hour just to write. 

10) Affiliate marketing- bring customers to a company or an entrepreneur, you are then given commission whenever the customer buys a product. 

I hope this helps. If you have more to add to the list, please free feel to leave a comment. 

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  1. I have always wanted to start up a business online but so many discouragements and fears. I feel this is all the Inspiration I need to fight my fears. Thank you Chidinma

  2. Nice ideas, I like that of forex,but don't know how to go about it


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