Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Shut The Noises Out And Hustle Hard!

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Side hustle? Main hustle? It doesn't really matter as long as it is a hustle and a legitimate one at that. 

There is a reason why you decided to start up a side hustle or main hustle. A side hustle basically is like working two jobs while a main hustle is like doing a job that you are the employer or a business that is primarily your main/only source of income. 

Everything all boils down to generating income or an additional source of income which is 200% fine.  So you MUST put in your best no matter what. You must also be innovative. Keep working on yourself and delivery continuously. 

Now see what I have noticed,
likes and comments on social media are good but don't let it fool you. People might not like your posts or comment on them doesn't mean that they won't pay for your services. So don't let your morale be low if no one like or comment on your post, trust me as long as your inbox is open and you are putting in your best, they will enter to request for your services. 

A successful entrepreneur and author once said, it isn't by sizes or numbers. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve despite how small your followers are. Numbers  are good but never limit yourself. You can achieve whatever you set out to achieve, if you put in the work. 

Now if you feel that you constantly posting about your goods & services is you disturbing others on your timeline then you are not yet ready . Wanneka is the biggest hair vendor in Nigeria if not Africa and this woman promotes her products less than 10 times a day.n 
DSTV has plenty subscribers yet it still advertises on DSTV. Dangote is a billionaire but still advertises. The Kardashians are wealthy but still advertises on their social media pages and on DSTV. 

Also, there are people that if they were to be dying of thirst, they will never buy water from you and that is ok. There are millions of people out there. If one person doesn't buy that doesn't mean others won't. So cheer up and always hustle hard!

If the noises from people are too much, shut both the noise makers and their noises out. You will be called all kind of names, which is okay as  long as you know what you are doing. Many still calls Wanneka a scammer but she still stays wwinning. Always remember, not everyone will like what you are doing. The bottom line always remains that they won't feed you. 
Also, never forget this, don't ever pull anyone down to be on top. It might be all rosy at first but you will hate yourself by the end result. The sky is big enough for everyone .

So, fold your sleeves and hustle hard! I wish you the best in all you do. Everything will be alright eventually.

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  1. Hustle oooo, make your Children no think say Shoprite na Obodo Oyibo


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