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Chidinma, Please Help!!! My Husband Collects Every Dime I Earn At The End Of Every Month

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Hello Chidinma,

I'm glad you are back. Please bear with me, what I am about to write is long. Please also share with your readers as I do need their advice on this. My friend will be reading this. 

Okay, let me go straight to the point. I have a senior colleague who I am friends with at the office. Presently, she is a shadow of herself. She used to be fair, beautiful, attractive, easy going, always happy and friendly woman. But all of a sudden after she got married, she became lean, she got so dark that we can barely recongise her at the office. She started keeping to herself, always sad and moody. Did I tell you that she walks home?
This is someone that owns a car before o. 

She is 7 months pregnant as I write this but she is busy borrowing money from colleagues to buy her baby's things. 

We work at a reputable organization and this my friend earns nothing less than 500k after tax. Everyone became worried. I had to force her to speak, that was when she opened up and started crying. 

In her words "Her husband collects every dime she earns at the end of every month" and if she refuses, he will beat her up. She said, she got married late, so all she wanted to do was to be a submissive wife in order for her not to lose her marriage. She gave him her car, her salary etc. According to her, her husband is a business man but things hasn't been going well for him in business.

She said at first, giving him her salary was all fun till she couldn't take care of herself again. He knows how much she earns and when salary will be paid. She said, the funniest thing is that, he is using her salary to build house in the village!!!! This is just sad. That she doesn't know what to do or who to talk to.  That she prefers things this way so that her marriage doesn't break or so that he doesn't hit her. 

Please this is the reason why I am sharing this with you maybe one of your matured readers can help advice her. 

Please keep me anonymous. Thank you

*** This really is beyond me. Let me think before I reply this. 
Please dear readers, please help advice this woman. This is so sad. 

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  1. Since your friend is a senior colleague maybe she should partner with the accountants to pay 350k into her salary account and 150k by hand or into her personal account.
    Monkey dey work bamboo dey chop

  2. This is ridiculous, marriage is not for everyone. Thank God you have a decent job, if this is really true and there's no other side of this story, I suggest you walk. It's far better to bear the so called shame of a broken marriage than to live in daily torture. How can a 500k earner not have a decent car, walk home from work with 7 months preg? To cap it all the so called husband even hits her. Please next time he hits you, kindly jail his sorry ass and move on. God have blessed you with a decent job, you should count your self lucky fes. Who beats a preg woman? Submissive wife kill you there. Lastly I don't think you have sense sef, did your family raise you, educate you to the extent of earning such income for you to turn out to be a MUMU????

    1. This really says it all. Thank you for your reply Doninus

    2. This is very apt, inspirational and incisive.

  3. My dear, this is so so sad. I just pray your friend doesn't have complications in her pregnancy .
    Secondly, marriage isn't for everyone. You can't be married and be sad like this o.
    I will really advice she stays with a relative for a while. She might die before her time if this continues.
    It is better to be separated than to be living in misery or dead.
    Is it not a woman advanced in age than got married to the GO of Deeper life or that got married to a Governor or even a President. Forget about your age and focus on your job and baby. Many will wish they had this your job.
    I really do wish this friend of yours well.

  4. The man is very wicked, I hope his not using jazz sha,how can u work for 30days and give your sweat to him.this is not right please, let her just walk,because this is not marriage but bondage


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