Monday, 28 October 2019

10 Reasons Why Every Adult And Child Needs Cod Liver Oil


I remember when I gave birth, my baby while growing had bow bow legs. My mum adviced I start giving him cod liver oil every day. To my amazement, my baby's legs started to straighten that as he is older now, it will be almost impossible to see any traces of bow leg in him. 

I also remember when my siblings and I were growing up,
cod liver oil was one thing my mum never missed giving us daily. Though it was a struggle giving us back then because of its taste, little did I know that we will be taking it voluntarily as adults. đź™‚

There are so many health benefits of taking cod liver oil both for adults and children. These benefits are;

1) It helps prevent cold in children and adults. 

2) It gives one a glowing skin. No need to search the ends of the Earth for expensive cream that will give you a glowing skin...the continuous intake of cod liver oil naturally gives one a glowing skin.

3) Everyone, both adult and children needs the right kind of fat in them and with cod liver oil, one gets to achieve this.

4) Do you know cod liver oil helps repair and heal wounds? Wounds either from child birth, play incurred wounds ...any form of injury at all.

5) Having bone issues or do you want to strengthen your bones or that of your child? Then why not increase your cod liver oil intake.

6) The Omega 3 acid in cod liver oil improves joint tenderness and stiffness in people that have arthritis.

7) Cod liver oil is enriched with Vitamin D which is highly beneficial to the human body. 

8) The daily intake of cod liver oil helps improve the health of one's eyes. 

9) It is rich in Vitamin A.

10) Cod liver oil is one medicine/supplement that when you don't have appetite for eating, it can serve as a meal because of its nutritional values.

Adults can take the tablet while babies & children (6months and above) can take the syrup. It is recommended to be taken once daily.

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