Monday, 17 June 2019

Turning A "Trash" Into A Master Piece

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This really just shows that nothing is worthless or that no one is worthless. You could be looking at the above picture as trash meanwhile someone sees it as a masterpiece. 

People might look at you and call you a nobody or a worthless creature...a failure but in the eyes of someone else you are a work of art ...a priceless being.

I want as you look at the below pictures of how, a "trash" was converted into a masterpiece, I want you to see yourself as the "trash" been converted into something remarkable...into something unique...into a treasure. ENJOY and Be Inspired!

Always remember, you are worthy!
You are a somebody.
You are a treasure.
You are a raw talent. 
You are uniquely different.
You are a work or art. 
You are a miracle waiting to happen. 
You are a priceless treasure. 

If you need to work on yourself. Please do, then go forth and inspire your world. Then go forth and be an agent of change. 

Be Inspired

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