Friday, 28 June 2019

The Trampled Rose

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Violated by someone I thought I trusted,
Betrayed by someone I held close to my heart,
Stabbed by someone who held out his/her hands to hug me,
Belittled by someone who I chose as a mentor,
Cast down by the one who I never thought will deny me,
Silenced by the one who I thought will always hear me out,
Mocked by the one I never thought will scorn me,
Ridiculed by the one who I praised,
Disappointed by the one who I kept in high esteem,
Criticised by the one who I thought approved of me,
Lied against by the one I thought knew my truth,
Broken by the one I thought completed me. 

But I am a priceless treasure. I am a pillar set by the hill that cannot be hidden.
I was thrown to the fire left to be burnt but the fire moulded me into a beautiful and priceless treasure.
I was pushed to the wall left to be shattered but I came back stronger than they imagined.
I was buried but became a gigantic tree.
I was stoned but I slowly picked those stones and built a wall of unbreakable empire. 

I am a survival
I am a voice
I am a light
I am a shield
I am the rose trampled upon but was polished & cleaned up nicely but the GREATEST CREATOR EVER KNOWN.
I am a person backed by a BIG GOD.

This is dedicated to every survival of any form of abuse, to everyone betrayed, let down or violated. 

You are never alone. 

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