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The Sad Reality Of How Social Media Fallacies Is Slowing Penetrating Into The Lives Of People

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The internet especially social media has created great means of entertainment, learning, employment and discovery to us humans. It has also served as a means of communication, motivation and inspiration.

However, this same social media is slowly causing more harm than good in the lives of many without even knowing it. 

- Many have lost
their identities by leaving their self worth and value in the hands of people who they don't know and have never met. Sadly, people that don't genuinely like them.

- Social media has unfortunately broken many homes/relationships. This is as a result of allowing the world into your relationship, disrespecting your partners by being unfaithful to them with who you think is better than them on social media or by just comparing what is with you think is better. 

The thoughts of how people they see on social media being better than their partners slowly starts to creep in. "This lady wears short dress while my wife or girlfriend doesn't". This guy has 6 packs while my partner has a pot belly". This lady looks so beautiful with lashes and wigs etc but my wife/girlfriend is so plain". "This guy drives a G wagon and is very rich while my partner is trying to make ends meet" and the list goes on and on. With all these thoughts they start to prefer who they see on social media not knowing that all that glitters isn't goal. 

- Social media has led many into a great state of depression. Many question if they are different from the people they see on the internet. 
Why isn't my business striving? They ask. Why am I not getting enough customers? Why is no one seeing my work? Why am I not getting job offers like others? Why am I not meeting my own life partner on the net? Why is no one commenting or liking what I do? Why am I doing everything right as was advised on the internet but nothing is working? ...and the list goes on and on. 

- Social media has made many believe that they are not good enough. 
If you don't lighten your skin, you won't be seen as attractive. If you don't wear lashes or skin revealing clothes or get work done to your body, nobody will notice how beautiful you are .

- Social media has made many question God's timing in their lives. I have to get married at a certain age. I have to get a job after leaving school. I have to be the perfect parent. I have to do this and that to be the perfect partner etc

-Social media has made immortality look like a norm.  It has made those not involved look like outcasts.

Unfortunately, social media is like an invisible gun pointed at the heads of people to do certain things or feel a certain way if not they will be shot. 

It only takes the strong hearted and those who are not easily influenced, those who understand their self worth and value to withstand all these. 

The question now is, are you among the stromg hearted? Are you among those affected by social media fallacies? If Yes, do you want social media to change you for the best or for the worse? The decision lies in your hands. 

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