Wednesday, 19 June 2019

I Thought There Was A Word Called Impossible?

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The Bible says, "who is he that saith a thing and it cometh to pass when the Lord commandeth it it not?" Lam 3:37

These 4 pictures above and below when you look at them, you can't help but
ask how? But God is the God of seed time and harvest. He is the God of possibilities. He is the possibility Specialist. What man thought can't never be, God smiles and says "watch ME make it happen".

Jesus Christ is the greatest Architect ever. He builds what no man can destroy. He makes the stone the builder rejects the head corner Stone (Psalm 118:22). 

Wow!!!! Looking at these pictures you can't help but see the glory of God in action. You can see that the fruits it brings are so healthy and big... apparently maybe bigger than what the "normal" trees brought out. 

A perfect example of they thought the could bury us. They didn't know that we are seeds. 

I don't know who needs to hear this but, never ever give up on GOD. Never ever give up on JESUS CHRIST. There is nothing like impossibility with Him. He will shock the world for your sake He said, they that put their trust in Me will never be put to shame (psalm 125).

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  1. Amen!!!! So timely for me...sometimes I get so depressed with being jobless despite having good results and all but God's word keeps me going..'cos I know His words never fails, extraordinary strategist.

    I'm coming back to testify dear, to the glory of God


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