Tuesday, 25 June 2019

8 Nutrientional Values Obtained From Eating Corn


Corn!!! It is a vegetable one eats with so much excitement. Infact, I am yet to see anyone who hates corn. It is eaten either boiled or roasted. Corn is a food/vegetable for people of every class. Many atimes you see people with luxurious cars parked by the road side to buy corn. Atimes, you see a long traffic been caused by people buying corn. This shows that this vegetable is loved by all.

It will be safe for us to know the nutrientional values obtained from eating this meal, right? So here are 8:

1) Corns - do you know that one way type 2 diabetes can be controlled has been associated with eating corn/whole grains?

2) Do you know that corn is awesomely rich in fiber?

3) Do you know that the consumption of corn helps in giving one an improved eyesight and a healthy skin as a result of its richness in beta-carotene?

4) Do you know that the consumption of corn helps prevent anaemia?

5) Did you know that corn is rich in iron?

6) Did you know that corn is blessed with minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, copper and manganese?

7) Are you looking for a way to add healthy weight and improbe your daily metabolism? LookLno further because corn is rich in calories especially the yellow corn.

8) Did you know that corn is blessed with Vitamin A, B and E?

Apparently corn has so more nutritional values than we could possibly think of. It is safe to say, enjoy eating your corn *smiles*

Corn can be eaten with African pear also known as Ube or with coconut. You could also add corn to your beans. ENJOY!

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  1. Never knew that corn was a vegetable too, thanks. And yes I am a super doper lover of corn😍


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