Thursday, 9 May 2019

Fall In Love With Your Regrets

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Regrets...everyone has them. They are the things we feel bad happened either by what we have said or by what we have done. Sometimes, we wake up with the thoughts of those regrets while other times, we get consumed by them. 

But today, I want to tell you to fall in love with your regrets. By doing this, you get to control your regrets and use it to better yourself. Because what has happened has happened. You can never turn back the hands of time. You can never change what has happened but you can control what those regrets turn you to. No one is perfect so don't work yourself over your regrets. 

Sometimes our regrets consume us so much that it turns us into bitter individuals. We become vengeful or we become people filled with so much hate or we wallow in our sorrows. 

When you however fall in love with your regrets, you automatically turn your lemons into lemondades. It makes you understand your strength and weakness. It makes you understand that you cannot change the past but you can improve the future. Soren Keirkegaar said "life can only be understood backwards but it was be lived forward". When you fall in love with your regrets it makes you wiser. It makes you stronger. It makes you have power over your emotions. It makes you look forward to a better tomorrow. It makes you undeafeated. Kathryn Schulz said "regrets doesn't remind us that we did badly. It reminds us that we know we can do better".

Now take control of your life. Allow the past rest in peace and give your present and future a life worth remembering. You have no business being bitter, sad and sorrowful. Own your regrets, fall in love with them and soar up high like an eagle. 

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