Friday, 26 April 2019

Friday Inspirations: Whatever It Takes...


Sometimes we start dreaming and working on the goals we would love to achieve in life and the height we would love to reach but one way or the other life happens. This then limits the actualisation of us achieving our dreams or attaining the heights we have always wanted to attain.

I don't
know who this is for or who is reading this or who needs to hear this, but please do not give up on your dreams. Do not stop pursuing your goals because at the end if you stop working on yourself  and your goals, you will live a life of regrets and all you will keep uttering is "had I known".

Go for your dreams. Dust your shoes, put it back on and keep running. Keep thriving. Keep pushing. Don't ever give up. You can pause to rest but do not stop to end the journey. Keep hope alive . Keep your dreams alive by never giving up on it.

There is one great thing about the Universe, it always gives us one way or the other what we send forth or put into it either by our thoughts or words or actions.

The book "The Secret" is a book you must have in your possession

Even when it looks as though all odds are against you, please don't give up. Even when it looks as though all hope is lost, please don't give up. As long as your dreams isn't to hurt anyone, you will achieve your goal. 

If it is to write a book, just start writing. If it is to be a chef, maybe you should get enrolled into a culinary school etc...whatever it is takes, work hard to make your dreams a reality so that in the end, when you look back, you will be filled with peace, fulfillment and joy and not regrets.

So whatever it takes, achieve your dreams. The sky is big enough for everyone anyway. *😊

Be Inspired

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  1. My dreamz will surely come 2ru in Jesus name. Amen!


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