Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Snakes In Human Form

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Snakes in human sad as it may sound these people are real.  These people can be found in our place of work,  where we live,  work,  in our line of business, among friends and sadly our family too. 

People who act like they wish you well but deep down they pray for nothing but evil befalls one. 
People who want peace but deep down all they want is to see you cry. 
People who seem
so happy for you but all they are after is that thing that brings you happiness. 
People who act like they support you but are anxiously waiting for your downfall. 
People who  can't wait to hear bad news from you. 
People who smile with you but goes behind your back to destroy you. 
People who wont rest till they see that you are destroyed. 
People who are planning grave things behind you but are acting like all is well.
People you call friends but tell those that care to listen that you are a foe. 
People who you warmly welcome but come into your territory to cause nothing but havoc.  People who your existence brings them nothing but pain. 
People who your pain gives them joy...

It is quite sad but thank God there is a God in heaven who will never allow His children to be put to shame.  It is always good to be cautious. But the truth is that, one can never be too cautious because sometimes you don't know who is who. You don't know who is a friend and who is a foe.

 This however doesn't stop you from doing good or wishing everyone well.  It only means that one's prayer temple has to be increased. Just like Jesus said,  pray without ceasing and also,  I am with you always and  be still and I will show you that I am God. 

The funny thing about snakes in human form is that there is one mistake they keep making and it is this here

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  1. They are everywhere, frenemies.but with God on our side.they will always fail.


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