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Woman Shares Her Near Death Experience At The ATM


A woman in a facebook group called Rant HQ recently shared her near death experience. Please read and share to your love ones;

"My Near Death Experience!!!

I was to travel to Enugu state from Owerri yesterday, for a seminar by 10am. So I decided to leave home early, so as to meet the first bus.
Owerri to Enugu by road is about 3hours because of bad roads.

On getting to Wetheral road, I decided to use one of the banks ATM to make withdrawal for my journey. I got to the ATM spot, met 3 guys on the queue,
while one was making transaction with the machine, the other 2 guys just stood there looking at the one making the transaction.

They were on sport wears, so I presumed they are sport men. I joined the queue and was waiting for my turn to also make my transaction. As soon as the guy at the machine finishes, the other 2 standing asked me to make my transaction.
Immediately, I thanked them and quickly stepped up to the ATM spot. Insert my card and made a
withdrawal of #10000. As I was about ejecting my card, what I heard baffles me....."Sister no remove that card you never finish your transaction". I responded; I'm done and I went ahead to eject my ATM card from the machine.

One of them said in a baritone voice.... "You think say we come play here abi"? "Them say make you nor comot your card, say your transaction never finish, you dey form Margaret Thatcher abi'? O ya put am back; removing his gun from his short. I turn around and I behold mean looking guys surrounds me.

Instantly, I felt hot urine flowing out from my bladder and I wet my beautiful coffee brown dress.
I did as instructed! They asked that I checked my account balance first. Seeing what I've got in there, they instructed I withdraw 20 thousand
naira per transaction.

Then, I started withdrawing until the last thousand in the account. On collecting the cash, they made their way to a cream coloured Honda Pillot jeep parked in front of the machine to obstruct people's view.

Next thing I heard was; "if you like shout to draw attention, I will gun you down." and they drove off! I just 'kukuma' sat 'jejely on the ATM pavement: I couldn't shout nor wail. Immediately, I lost my sweet sonorous voice. Infact, my voice
failed me at that point in time due to shock!!!

Note: Everyone should be careful
when using the ATM, especially in the early hours and late hours. This Chrismas season, robbers are
strategizing and the are coming up with ideas to rob their victims off their hard earn money.

God's guidiance on us this season and always, Amen".

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