Friday, 16 November 2018

This Is A Good Example Of How Drinking Water Makes The Skin GLOW


The importance of drinking water especially warm water cannot be overemphaised. If we start to list why drinking water is very important we won't finish because the list is unending. 

But one of the benefits of drinking water is that it makes one's skin glow. When it was mentioned here on how drinking lots of water is one of the 7 secrets to a healthy and gowing skin, people didn't really take it serious.

Well unless there is  before people can take it serious. *smiles* Here is the proof on this beauty's skin
on how water surely does make one skin glow;

A clearer picture

Drinking water can be boring at times so you can spice things by adding either lemon or lime or cucumber or ginger to your water. 

You could also eat fruits or vegetables that has lots of water in them like cucumber, orange, tangerine, tomato, watermelon etc

With the above pictures, I believe it is safe to say you will increase your water intake right? *smiles*

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