Tuesday, 6 November 2018

How To Get Your Dream Body Before Christmas Without Exercising


I can smell Christmas already! I know you can too. One thing that most times give us nightmares during the festive season is our weight, right?

We are yet to lose our current body weight and we are about entering into the season of eating and drinking.

Losing weight varies from person to person but the secret remains the same. Do you know that you can lose weight or get your dream body without you even knowing it before Christmas?

Here is how;

1) Trade your cold water with hot/warm water.
Drinking warm/hot water helps burn fat so fast.

I know it might not be easy considering the fact that the intake of hot water makes one sweat alot. Well the good thing about it, is that fats are coming out through sweat.
Also you may tend to urinate alot. That's not a problem too because you are passing out fats as urine.

2) Trade junks with fruits.
Junks are sweet to eat but later have a bitter effect while fruits are sometimes not inteesting to eat but have sweet and beautiful effect later.

3) Be active
This has nothing to do with exercise but everything to do with your heart pumping and burning fats without putting in much work.

Use the stairs. Take a walk. Do the laundry. Wash the dishes. Clean/sweep the floor. Run errands.

Just sit less and stand more.

4) Squats
Yes, I know I said no exercise but trust me this has to be included. The great thing about this is that you can do it without even believing you are exercising.

In 2014 I wrote why you need to squat here when you read the article you will understand why the benefits of squatting cannot be overemphaised.

5) Drink more than you have eaten
This is one BIG secret many people don't know. If you eat something drink more water than what you have eaten.

Do this this judiciously and thank me later.

Let this be your motivation. If she can then we can!

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  1. The picture is a motivation, but let's us not rule out exercise, it's very important not just to loosing weight


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