Monday, 8 October 2018

The Queen Of All Dresses: A Wrap Dress


Two months ago I was invited to an occassion. I was so confused on what to wear and still look great for the event. My mum handed me a wrap dress and said you will look extraordinary in this dress for the upcoming event. I shrudded the idea because I thought the dress looked too casual for the occassion. On the day of the event, I decided to wear
the wrap dress, wore a simple piece of jewlery and "my oh my" I indeed looked breathtaking in that dress. It really was a showstopper dress.

A wrap dress really is the Queen of all dresses I tell you. When in doubt of what to wear to any occassion just pick out a wrap dress. Wearimg it either as a formal, semi-formal or casual wear, a wrap dress will always make you looking and feeling like a Queen. 

A wrap dress is a win I must confess. The great thing about wrap dresses is that little or no jewelry is needed when wearing it. 

Still in doubt? Here are women "killing" it in wrap dresses. ENJOY!

You just can't go wrong in a wrap dress

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  1. Wrap dresses has been my trend for a long time now

  2. Honestly everyone is wearing this nowadays , both young and old 😂

    1. Because it suits everyone. And it lòoks great on all body types

  3. I really want to have one but I think I looooove the wrap tops

  4. This blog isn't bad though, I think I'll be coming here more often
    Hello Miss or Mrs Chidinma
    Your write up is lovely

  5. Thank you dear.
    Chidinma is fine by me

  6. Welcome back dear,nice dress I must say

  7. Welcome back dear,nice dress I must say


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