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How To Conquer A Heart Break


Heartbreak...Heartbreak makes your heart stop beating for few seconds upon realisation of what had just happened. At that moment it is as if the ground should open up and swallow you. 

Heartbreak makes you question yourself and every action you have ever taken. Heartbreak makes you wonder if you are really worth it. It makes you ask yourself so many questions. 
The great thing about heartbreak like the topic said is that it can be can be overcomed. It isn't going to be a day or a week thing but it will surely make you come out on top after you have conquered it.

Here are steps on how to conquer heartbreak:
1) You will be in an emotional mess that you just feel like crying. 
The first step to gaining back your heart and freedom is to cry. Let it all out. Even strong men and women cry. So cry out those hurts, betrayals, memories, years spent together...cry it all out.

2) Talk to God.
Ask Him for His help at this critical stage. Ask God for His guidance, strength, courage to move on, His grace and mercies.

3) This might seem hard but this is one of the most important steps you need to take.
Delete everything that brings memories of that person to you. Be it phone number, text messages, whatsapp messages, facebook messages, emails etc.

Unfollow if possible, block the person from all social media platform. Be it on instagram, twitter, facebook, google plus...just name it. 

I know you might be saying or thinking that it is being childish to do so but trust me it isn't. You are only trying to heal and recover. If not you might go from being an emotional mess to depression and a chronic illness might arise. 

You can be friends with your ex if you choose but not immediately after a breakup or while you are still emotionally down.

A footballer doesnt go back to the field with a broken leg. He is taken off the field to heal. After being away from the pitch for a while, when he comes back to play, he will come back stronger and better because he allowed time and treatment to heal his wound. 

When you are friends with the person on social media, their pictures brings back feelings and memories coupled with anger and sadness. This ofcourse makes you bitter. They might be shading you with their posts etc. You get  to see it all. You get to even stalk the person on their social media platforms.
My dear, you don't need such negativity in your life. You are taking your life back and this is how to do so. 

Same goes with text messages or chats or start reading all over again when things were rosy...or you get tempted to call the person when you have their phone numbers. You are trying to get better not dig your early grave so all these needs to go. 

4) You don't need a rebound. 
Many believe that the best way to forget someone is to get busy with someone else. Unfortunately, that's a big lie. 

If you start dating before you are completely healed from a heartbreak, you tend to bring your feelings for your ex into that relationship...not just that, you bring in anger, sadness, bitterness, pain and grive too. Everything that person does will be compared to your ex..
You end up suffering an innocent person for the sins of your ex. You end up going back to square 1...being an emotional mess. 

5) Admit you need help. 
Talk to someone. Be open. Hold nothing back. The more you talk to someone the more you get to see reasons why you need to forget this person and move on. The more you talk to someone the more you become stronger, wiser and better. 

6) You have no business with love songs, movies or novels so avoid listening, watching or reading them. Listening, watching or reading them will only make you sad, cry and feel more will bring back memories you ought to start forgeting. 

7) Get busy.
Hang out wih friends and family. Travel. Meet people. Visit a musuem or a stadium...Go see an action movie. Eat. Cook. Try something new...something adventurous etc. 
Just get busy. It will help preoccupy your mind. 

8) Always be positive. 
Say positive things. Put positivity into the universe. Never condemn yourself or blame yourself or say love is over for me or I will never find a good person etc.
The universe has a way of bringing to us what we have uttered so be careful.

9) Re-discover yourself. 
Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. 
Create time for yourself. Develop yourself mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, socially...all round.

10) Put yourself out there again.
After you have let by gones be by gones, after you have healed open your heart to love again.
This time around, you are so mush stronger, much more better than you ever were.
...This time around you are a conquerer.


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