Friday, 12 October 2018

Friday Inspirations: The Good Life Hurts


The good life...A life filled with milk and honey. A life filled with all the beautiful things in life. A life filled with what people can only dream. A life filled with partically living heaven on earth. 
A life filled a dream job, luxurious apartment or a mansion, a beautiful car, wealthy and good looking spouse etc. 

You look at your phone/laptop and that's all you see. You chat people up and that's you see. Everyone you know or that knows you is
pratically living the good life. Colleagues, family, friends and well wishers are uploading pictures of a life filled with no worries. Oh they look so happy. Oh they seem to have it all. How I wish I was them. How I wish I was in their shoes. I tap into living this kind of grand lifestyle.

With or without your knowledge, depressiom sets in...jealousy and envy begins to mainfest. You start to compare yourself with them. You start to question God. Why He isn't falling His rain of blessings in you. You start to ask Him why He created you to be a failure. 

...Little did you know that not all that glitters is gold. People show you what they want you to see not what really is. People tell you what they want you to hear or what they want to happen in their lives not really what is.
Nobody wants to show or tell people the ugly side of their lives...the failure side of their lives.

Many who have uploaded these beautiful pictures might have either stolen the pictures or borrowed the cars or rented the private jet just to snap picture or paid for an hour in a rented apartment to take pictures or the designers clothes were borrowed or even stolen or might still be collecting pocket money from their parents.
Couples you think have it all so that they show a perfect life outside maybe struggling on thr inside or at the verge of breakup or 

But people with understanding of this might do everything within their power to have such life not minding if they go steal. Some end up mixing with the wrong crowd or cut corners or sell their morals just to show others that they can also have that life. 

If only people can understand that life is turn by turn. The good life doesn't have to hurt if you are contended, grateful, at peace, focus on your journey and stay prayed up. 

So do yourself a favour and focus on the positive things in life. Choose to be happy so that when heaven smiles at you to live the life you have always dreamed of, you won't live it trying to cure the illness gotten as a result of depression, jealousy and envy instead you wil live it in awe, joy, peace and wisdom. 

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