Monday, 22 October 2018

A Sad Reality For Mothers

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As a mother we constantly judge ourselves if we are being good mothers to our kids, if we are too hard on them, if we are doing everything right etc But the actual truth is this, there can never be a perfect mum but there can be a happy mum. A happy mum equals happy kids and a happy home. 

If you are sad, the atmosphere around your home becomes unwelcoming and
this results in you being too hard on the kids and also having misunderstamding with your spouse.

Like my mum will say, "being a mother is a forever job. Any work you didnt do today, you can do it tomorrow. In motherhood you learn on the job so take one day at a time and never be too hard on yourself if not you will end up breaking down".

Look at what Heather Lindsey shared after her husband complimented her parenting skills: 

You can see that everyone has their own struggles. 

There are people who are experts in mother shaming. "Oh you didnt do this or that for your child" etc. Being a mother is hard on its own. Don't focus on what anyone says, thinks or believe just focus on being a good mother and not a perfect mother. 

...In the end your work will speak for you and God will reward you greatly.

Always remember, a happy mum = happy and healthy kids.

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  1. I wish I could appreciate my mother more often😭

  2. Though mama is late, I so wish she can come back for a second and say a proper goodbye.


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