Tuesday, 30 October 2018

5 Simple Ways To Be Stylish While Still Being A Mom


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It is no secret that being a mom can be a handfull because you always have to put the needs of your little ones before yours. Hence the reason why many moms dash out of their homes looking scruffy. 

Trust me it isn't easy. But you have to always create time for yourself because your apperance matters a lot and your children are copying you without you knowing it. 

Now, what if I
told you that you can look stylish and fabulous why still being a mom. All you need is just 5 minutes or less to  always appear dashing.

You may ask how? Here are 5 simple steps/ways you can be stylish while still being a mom and they are;

1) Hair
You can agree with me that a woman's hair is 80% of her appearance right?
All you need is a simple hair do that you need not spend time styling. A good example is a straight hair/weave. A straight hair is super easy to maintain. All you need is 10 seconds of brushing/combing it. 

To style it up more you can sweep it to the side.

Another great hairstyle is braids. This might take time to make but you can wear his hair do for 3 weeks which is a lot. So all you need do is to just create a beautiful bun and you can good to go. 

Lastly on hair, you can also get yourself a beautiful wig either in braided or human hair form. 

2) Shoes

You can't go wrong on wedges. A low or medium wedge will do. It makes you appear stylish while comfortable in running earrands or going about in your business.

3) Earrings

A pearl studs earrings or stud earrings in general does a great deal to your apperance. It is moderate, comfortable, stylish and it helps btighten your face and looks.

4) A classy diaper bag
Carrying a handbag and a diaper bag makes one look a bit disorganised.

A classy diaper bag will help kill 2 birds with one stone thereby it being your handbsg and at the same time your diaper bag. It makes you look neat, organised and well put together. This will enable you focus on one thing at a time while still being stylish.

5) A beautiful maxi dress 

The pictures above has said it all. 


A simple yet stylish outfit.

So you see my beautiful mothers, you can cater for your kids and still have time for yourself. 

Remember looking good is good business. Looking good also helps boost one's self confidence and esteem. *Smiles*

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