Monday, 15 October 2018

6 Food You Need To Know How To Prepare As An Igbo Lady/Man


Food!!! Please who doesn't love food? I will wait for the answer. *Smiles* 

Everyone or most people love food.  There are foods you crave for but do not know how to prepare them that you end up in an eatry to get such delicacies. 

This isn't a bad idea. But it will be great for you to know that those foods you run to eat in restaurants are actually very easy to prepare. 

Now there are dishes every Igbo guy or lady must know how to prepare and they are;

1) Ofe Ora
Here is how to prepare this mouth watering soup

2) Bitter leaf soup
Here is this delicious soup recipe 

3) Ofe Akwu
Banga stew or ofe akwu. Here is how to prepare it

4) Ofe Egusi
Egusi soup receipe here please :) 

5) Vegetable soup
Vegetable soup reciepe here

6) Abacha
Receipe can be found here

They look yummy right? Trust me they also taste yummy :) Why not give these food recipes a try?
You could also send in pictures let's see how great you did. 

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy

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