Monday, 15 October 2018

15 Powerful Domestic And Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola


With the name of this plant it will be no news to already know that it has  bitter taste. But do not be deceived by its bitter taste for there is more than meets the eyes with this plant. This plant isn't just an already plant. 

Here are mindblowing domestic and health benefits of bitter kola;

- It is believed that when
travelling to places that are well known to be diabolical i.e. villages when you put bitter kola in your pocket or hold it or put it somewhere in your body, you will be exempted from any evil arrow/attack.

- It is also believed that if you live in an area that has bushes around or in an area that snakes can easily be found, once you drop the bitter kola in different places around the compound/house, snakes won't be able to go near your home. 
You could also grind the bitter kola into powder form and spread it around your compound. This is believed to ward off snakes and if a snake crosses it, it will instantly die.

- Did you know that bitter kola also helps in flushing out, curing and neutralising scorpion and snake poisons?
Once bitten by a snake or scorpion, chew one bitter kola immediately and the poison will be neutralised in minutes.

- No matter how watchful one is as regards kids, few seconds is all it takes for a child to do something naughty. 
Now if a child miskenly drinks kerosene or chews bar/powder soap, just blend bitter kola and give the child to drink, he or she will vomit it immediately.

- Also if a child mistakenly eats/drinks poision, a blended bitter kola will do the magic thereby the child vomiting the posion and being whole again. 

- Did you know that soaking of bitter kola in water overnight and drinking the water in the morning helps flush out toxic elements in your body?

- Did you also know that the intake of bitter helps cure malaria?

- Did you know that bitter kola helps in relieving one from cartarh?

- Do you want to lose weight? Then chew bitter kola. It is believed that it surpresses hunger and makes one drink more water.

- Constant chewing of bitter kola helps in improving the functions of the lungs.

- Bitter kola also helps to improve eye sight.

- Did you know that bitter kola is used in treating the HIV virus?

- It is also believed that the regular intake of bitter kola helps in improving the fertility in men.

- Did you also know that chewing bitter kola relives a pregnant woman from vomiting? But this should be taken in moderation.

- In pregnancy, did you know that bitter kola helps normalize one's blood circulation?

Wow! So many unbelieveable benefits of bitter kola right?

Here are the nutrients in bitter kola
- Carbohydrates
- Protein
- Caffine
- Collatin
- Tannins
- Theobromine
- Catechin

With all that you have read here today, it is safe to say :


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