Friday, 20 April 2018

Friday Inspirations: To That Man/Woman That Intends Starting A Business


The tweet above is for that man or woman who is contemplating on starting a business. 

In a society/environment where they are little or no jobs, starting a business is the best way to go. 
There are people who from the word "go" hate the idea of working for anyone. 

In the first month of Fenty Beauty starting, it earned a whooping sum of  $72 million and
it recorded 132 million views on YouTube.

I am very sure before Rihanna started, many people would have said, "but there are so many makeup lines out there. Besides, people don't have money to spend in this economy". 
But we can see how Rihanna came in and conquered the makeup world. 

As long as you believe in yourself, this is your passion and you have carried out lots of research, go ahead and conquer your world. 

The sky is big enough for everyone besides, everyone carries different level of grace. The fact many are doing it and are not succeeding doesn't mean you won't succeed. The fact that a particular industry is populated doesn't mean you don't have something new to offer that industry. 

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in your passion. Believe in your ability to be an agent of change and be ready to conquer the world. 

Be Inspired

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