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27 Things I Learnt From 2018 Big Brother Naija

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It is no news that this year Big Brother Naija 2018 is ending today being the 22nd of April. Many are of the opinion that this show should be cropped out of TV because it has no lesson to teach. But I bet to differ.

There are many lessons one can pick from this show. Many social, mental, economic, relationship etc lessons.

Now, here are the 26 lessons I learnt from this year's Big Brother Naija; 
1) Life is all about many are called but few are chosen.

2) It is not about how qualified you are that gets you to the top but how much grace you carry.

3) The ones who many looked down on and thought they were nobodies and had nothing to offer were there the ones that got to the final stage while those who believed they were the "Almighty" got evicted and is now watching the "nobodies" on TV.

4) Many if not most pretend to be someone else to get what they want. 

But as time goes on, who you truly are will come to light because no one really pretends for too long.

5) Your character goes with you everywhere you go.
No matter how beautiful or handsome you are, a person with a bad character is disliked by all. 

6) Unless you get to walk a mile in someone's shoes, don't judge them.

7) There are people who are unhappy when they see something good going for you and would want to collect that good thing from you at all cost.

8) When you finally get to have something that wasn't originally yours, you are constantly insecured because you believe the original owner is a threat to you and that keeps your mind troubled always.

9) Sometimes, many feel the best way to keep two people apart is by constantly bad mouthing a person. 

But the good thing is, no matter how long it takes the truth will surely come to light and your true intentions will finally be known.

10) No matter how provoked you are, never ever raise your voice at someone. You can always communicate your displeasure at how poorly a person behaved without raising your voice.

11) Never belittle anyone. 
That person you are looking down on might end up being your only friend/companion tomorrow.

12) People will always talk behind your back. It is left to you to make what they say none of your business.

13) A bad character can cost you a beautiful relationship.

14) Respect everyone. 
Respect your partner, your friends, your colleagues, your flatmates...even those you think that you don't need their help or are "nobodies".

15) Everyone believes they have the right to judge you even those who behave worse than you or those who act exactly how you do when they are in your shoes.

16) Always  put your best foot forward for it might bring blessings beyond your widest dreams.

17) Self control is key. 
Many may claim they love you but will lay with another without giving it a second thought or won't know how to overcome temptation when then need arises.

Also learn how to control your actions and speech when angry. Sometimes, taking a deep breathe and walking away gives your the ability to see things from a whole new angle.

18) Some people do not care if you have a relationship going on as long as you have them in their lives and you finally choose them, that's all that matters.

19) In life, you might not get the prize you were fighting for but you will get something far bigger and better than the original prize with time. 

Everything in life is all about timing.

20) Be extra careful who you call your friends.

21) It is only when a competition ends that you will know who your true friends are or who wished you well all along.

22) There will be someone who still sees you  and into your heart despite that wall you try to build around yourself.

23) Even if you are an introvert, still have a space in your heart to be a people's person. It will take you far in your life's journey.

24) Don't ever see yourself as being better than someone because you have no clue on the level of grace they carry.

25) The world doesn't see everything. Some things will be kept away from the eyes of the world. However, the little the world gets to see is what they will judge you on. 

26) Never belittle yourself because others the opportunity to do so.

And finally,


27) Who God says will be King, will be King.

Be Inspired

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