Thursday, 19 April 2018

16 attributes that makes Dates a very powerful fruit


Dates, this is one sweet yet so powerful with its unbelievable attributes. I never really knew of this fruit till of recent. 

I was talking to someone dear to me late last night and she said, the fruit is very actually common. I was like really? She said yes, many use it for so many things as regards their health. 

So instead of taking much of your time, let's see 16 attributes that makes this fruit very powerful. Shall we?

1) Want to get cured of hangover faster than you can ever imagine? Then try taking a few dates. 

2) This fruit provides the body with potassium, Vitamin A, dietary fiber, iron, calcium, zinc and beta carotene.

3) Getting tired unnecessarily or you need something to boost your energy? Well, look no further, try eating dates. This is because there is natural sugar like glucose, sucrose and fruclose. 

4) Do you know that the fruit dates helps in curing abdominal cancer?

5) It also helps in increasing one's sexual stamina

6) The fruit dates is a natural laxative.

7) Do you know that the intake of dates helps your teeth avoid chances of it decaying?

8) Did you know that the intake of dates helps one lose weight?

9) Having diarrhea? Then be prepared to kiss it goodbye by taking the fruit dates.

10) Did you know that dates help reduce blood pressure?

11) The intake of dates helps pregnant women during delivery.

12) Having constipation? Why not take dates and kiss constipation goodbye.

13) Did you know that the fruit dates helps reduce colitis risk?

14) Dates helps in promoting ones respiratory and digestive health.

15) Did you that the intake of dates help reduce heart attack risk? It is also a fruit that helps one in having a an excellent heart health.

16) The fruit dates is excellent for hemorrhoid prevention

Wow! This fruit is sure powerful right? That means you will increase your intake of it right?


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  1. Debino as we popularly call it, is indeed a very powerful fruit, my only concern is the fruit is too sweet


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