Wednesday, 7 February 2018

7 Important & Delicate Things You Need To Know During The Present Heat Wave In Nigeria


It is no news that Nigeria is currently experiencing a terrifying heat wave. In the morning, afternoon and night, the weather is extremely hot to the extent that no matter how many times one takes his or her bath in a day one still tends to feel feel very hot. 

There are important and delicate things we need to know during this present heat wave:

1) One can easily be dehydrated as a result of constant sweating. So it is of utmost importance to
drink water more than you normally do during this period.

2) When the body is dehydrated it can lead to one having chicken pox, fainting, heat rash, psychological stress or even death. 

That is why number 1 is very important.

Also expose the body of your children by wearing them light attires to sleep at night. They might also be at risk of contacting chicken pox when dehydrated.

3) During this period, one should avoid the intake of caffeinated or alcoholic drinks.

4) Ones intake of fruits should be on the increase during this period.

5) Ensure you monitor your blood pressure this period.

6) This might be difficult, but try staying indoors between 12noon to 3pm.

7) Lastly, one should opt to take cold baths before sleeping at night.

This is the advice of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMT) to us.

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