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MFM Prophectic Picture For The Year 2018!

This year has number 18. Numbers are symbolic in scriptures. For example;

Number 1 - Signifies unity
Number 2 - Division or double witness
Number 3 - Divine fullness
Number 5 - Grace, Favour
Number 6 - Love of man
Number 7 - Spiritual completion or perfection
Number 13 - Rebellion
Number 16 - Love
Number 18 - Unfortunately, bondage or oppression

The First Mark of this Year - Is a year when
bondage is re-packaged and reloaded.
In the school of deliverance, this life is divided into 3 phases. These phases are;

1. First Phase - (Ages 1 -40)
2. Second Phase - (Ages 41- 80)
3. Third Phase - (Ages 81 - 120)

First Phase - Is your time of preparation. The time for foundation laying. Learning what you are going to depend on life. Plan on your dreams, and put things in place based on what you want to become. Once you are in bondage at that time, it's
a tragedy, indeed!

Second Phase - Is the time when you're around the stage of life. It's the time to give back to the society of what you have reaped. You have become the adult of your life. People will start to look up to you. it's the prime of your life of any human.

Once you are in bondage at that time, it's a
tragedy, indeed! The enemy will convert you to a living dead. And make you cold from a cradle to the grave.

Third Phase - Is when you are reaping the first two phases of your life. When you wake up and pray for the children in your life. You are no longer in any

There are seven levels of bondage. These are;
1. Bondage by Inheritance
2. Bondage by Decision
3. Bondage by Birth (Any child delivered by a parent in bondage, is automatically in bondage).
4. Bondage by Covenant and Curses
5. Bondage by Dedication

What is Bondage?
Bondage is a;
1. Condition
2. Situation
3. Root of opposition
4. Anything that inflicts stubborn hardship
5. Anything that brings limitations to your life
6. Something that reduces your spirit, that stops you.
7. Falling from a great height
8. Boasting you will not succeed
9. you progress is limited
10. State of being enslaved
11. Enemy is getting upper hand
12. Enemy making your life bitter.

Examples of Bondage
1. Sex in the dream is
2. Moral bankruptcy
3. Abnormal sleep
4. Suicidal thoughts
5. Hearing of strange voices
6. Uncontrollable anger
7. Oversleeping
8. Not sleeping at all
9. Time sickness
10. Self-inflicting injuries
11. Abnormal sex life
12. When you can't feed yourself normally
13. Not appreciating size of your breast or
14. Alcoholism
15. When you keep alcohol in your fridge for your friends to drink it
16. Constant disappointment
17. Dreaming and forgetting it
18. Contrasting personalities
19. Hatred of Bible reading or falling asleep
20. Wearing dark countenance
21. Lyi1ng and exaggeration
22. Compulsory stealing
23. Obsessive eating
24. Restlessness
25. Always having vulgar language
26. Seizures
27. Blackout
28. Constant confusion in thinking
29. Lack of remembrance
30. Depression
31. Horrible nightmares
32. Circle of poverty that refuses to break
33. Notice of criminal behaviors
34. Rebellious children
35. When you see somebody that's talented, gifted but a failure
36. Lack of positive relationship
37. When somebody is living but is yet to die
38. Expectations are always cut off

This Year Will Be A Year Of;

1. The First Mark of this Year - Is a year when bondage is re-packaged and reloaded.
2. When the person will defeat the mortar
3. Spiritual counter attack
4. Terrible attacks of marriages
5. Wild and merciless attack of very strange
6. Spiritual weakness will be in tragedy.
7. Fight or perish (fingers must be taught to
8. Deliverance from long-term bondages who never believed to be free
9. Demonstration of the raw power of God
10. God will kill rebellious kings and rulers
11. Many this year, if they will listen to the advice now, will overcome their generation bondage.
12. Absalom spirits
13. The disgrace of the strongman and terror and fear.
14. The wrath of heaven will arise in vein against
15. Many who will live a holy life will empower this year to rewrite the story of their family
16. A tragic end to Ahithophel ministers
17. Plenty of yokes and barrenness will be broken
18. The wasting power already planted in the life of young people will manifest if they do not change
19. A very rough year for other Jonah youth
20. Double left leg and the year where the animal will pursue the hunter
21. Wind blowing year
22. Masquerading captivity (a sort of confusion where the patient will be the one making the prescription)
23. Regular practice of personal deliverance will yield testimonies greatly.
24. Laziness in prayers will cause havoc
25. A year of sting from strange insects
26,. God will stretch his rod of judgment against countries against god
27. Acidic rain of generation bondage will fully manifest due to the wrong teaching they are teaching the youths
28. God will raise up against compromising
29. Massive disgrace of all forms of disloyalty
30. Terror will swallow terror and vomit terror
31. Serious prayers against the rage of scientific witchcraft
32. A very rough year giving to alcohol
33. A year of the "R" house - revelation,
restoration, renewal, revival, righteousness,
reorientation, refreshment and remembrance.
34. Learn to cast your net on the right-hand side by catching the right fish
35. A Year of 1st Samuel 3:11
36. A great fall for those engage in practice of corruption
37. Manifestation of divine suddenly
38. The downturn in global economy (political and environmental catastrophe)
39. God will raise up some radical prophetess who will set many places ablaze
40. Rage of emptiers and rebellious particularly the youth
41. Disgrace for those who live with hard drugs and careless life
42. Those who bank with god will reap enough
43. A year where personal spiritual life is not a luxury but a necessity.
44. Political confusion and personalities working against the peace of this nation will fight themselves and kill themselves.

Keys needed for this year

1. We need to key ourselves into the fruit of the spirit (needed for divine acceleration for breakthrough).
2. Obedience
3. Faith
4. A right heart
5. Worship and prayer

Everything you're going to need to make 2018 a wonderful year, God has put them in place for us here in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.

This year is anchored on 3 scriptures. These are;
1. Psalm 110:1
2. Luke 10:19
3. Galatians 6:9

MFM watch word for 2018 - "My Year of extra-ordinary turn around in the name of Jesus."

Credit: Nairaland

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