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15 Profitable Businesses You Can Start Up In Nigeria


It is commonly or widely said that "every year many students graduates and many youth corpers pass out only to meet one unfortunate truth, there are no jobs around".

Many say that " jobs are being advertised every day so why are there still unemployed youths? ".

Maybe because, the number of youths who are unemployed are more than the jobs advertised.

So what is the solution? Man must eat. Man must fend for must survive
but through the right means.

The answer is simple, start up a business. Yes, starting up a business requires cash that is capital. But there are businesses that doesn't require so much capital and there are some that do.

Now, here are a list of profitable businesses you can start up in Nigeria:

1) Food (Cooked) - There are things humans cant do without and food is one of them especially cooked foods.

You can set up your business near companies, banks, schools, hospitals and be sure to have many customers in no time.

2) Food (Uncooked)- like I mentioned earlier, humans cant live without food, so try selling raw/non- perishable foods either in wholesale or retail.

3) Pure water business

4) Bottle water business

5) Beautiful second hand clothes with great quality

6) Cold drinks and provisions

7) Snacks: if you know how to prepare snacks/small chops, your target market can be schools or offices or busy areas.

8) Makeups: It isn't a new thing that women love makeup. Sign up with all these cosmetic/beauty companies and start ordering for products. The easiest way to make profit from these companies is through marketing the products extensively.

You can also buy from the market in bulk and also at a reduced price and sell to people.

9) Hair: every girl loves a good hair. But to make profits from this line of business, you have to market your products well.

10) Bakery business ( cakes or bread)
For cakes, people celebrate their birthdays daily, so cakes will be needed.
Bread- Nigerians love bread and can't go a day without eating it.

11) Baby wears: especially high grade second hand wears.

Investing in brand new products are excellent but to tell each other the truth, you have to target everyone. Not everyone can afford to buy a brand new baby wears when high quality second hand wears are more affordable and lasts longer (sometimes).

12) Fashion designing/ tailoring:
Many prefer giving their tailors styles to copy than actually buying the said clothes that has those styles because of money.
Fashion design business is on the rise.

13) Fashion wears (brand new).
To make more profit, extensive marketing should also be involved.

14) Wig making

15) The act of applying makeup and tying head ties

We live in an internet world, so there is no business that can't be marketed or advertised on the internet. As long as you have a social media presence and can make use of hastags well, in no time people will want to see what you offer and test your loyalty.

In all you do, you have to differentiate yourself with others and that is where packaging comes in. Packaging your business or place of business to look to stand out or look attractive is what attracts customers and what keeps customers is a great customer service, loyalty and ability to always deliver.

Please dont belittle businesses because many people have built houses and have bought cars by owning businesses...with hard work and God's grace, everything is possible.

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