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10 Awesome Things That Happens To Our Body Whenever We Drink Warm/Hot Water


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We are currently in the rainy season and thee weather is not all that friendly. The body at the moment needs the constant intake of something warm or hot to help fight cold or flu during this period and one of the first things that comes to mind is the intake of warm/hot water...Very affordable if I may add. *Smiles*

I shared with you here how I lost my baby weight 3 weeks after giving birth. It is no secret that one of the things that helped me lose so much weight within a short period of time was my intake of hot water.

Many can't fathom themselves drinking hot water because of how inconvenience it is to do so. To them it takes so much time just drinking hot water because one needs to avoid burning one's tongue or how one tends to sweat while drinking it.

Why don't we see in pictures the awesome things that happens to our bodies when we drink hot/warm water? The picture has 9 benefits right/ Well, the 10th benefit will shock you. *Smiles*

1) It improves digestion: The intake of hot/warm water after eating helps your food digest faster. 

2) It relieves constipation: This is 100% true. Once you start experiencing constipation, if you don't have this at home just boil little hot water and mix with little cold water and drink. Believe you me that within 10 minutes, the next place you will find yourself, is in the restroom.

3) It helps one in shedding weight: I am happy to let you know that those sweats you see coming out from your body whenever you drink hot/warm water is your body showing you that the hot water you are drinking is burning the fats in your body.

4) It helps one look younger than his/her age: This is an interesting fact...Very nice

5) It relieves one off sore throat; This is 100% true too. 
Did you know that the constant intake of cold water or a cold weather causes sore throat. Well, maybe not for everyone but for most people. 

Recently I was ill. I wasn't taking cold water but I was also not taking hot water. I noticed that I immediately I started drinking hot water, I was slowing kissing sore throat goodbye. 

If you have sore throat, do try this and thank me later.

6) This is no secret. The intake of hot water helps in relieving one of nasal congestion or catarrh.

7) It detoxifies the body: The intake of hot/warm water helps the body to flush away every unwanted element in the body either through sweats or urine or excretion but mainly through urine. 
That is why, you tend to urinate more when you drink hot water. 

8) The intake of hot water helps the blood to circulate well in the body. 

9) The intake of hot water helps to relieve one of menstrual cramps/pains. As a woman, it is no secret that when the monthly visitor comes, there is a severe pain/cramp that comes with it. Well, it is safe to kiss this pain goodbye by drinking hot water. 

10) This might sound funny but try it and thank me later. The intake of hot water helps quicken the arrival of your monthly visitor.
If your monthly visitor is yet to visit and it is already the time it is meant to show up but you can't find it anywhere, try drinking hot water and it will definitely show up before the end of day. 

I hope you were inspired by the above. I sure was. 

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