Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Please Permit Me To Introduce You To Someone Special To My Heart


He is the most humble man I have ever known or met. The most beautiful thing of it all is that he is extremely wealthy but so down to earth.

I cheat on him occasionally but his love for me is patient. He always forgives me despite my shortcomings. And after forgiving me, he doesn't even remember that I have ever wronged him. Wow!

He is the only one I have met who works overtime unconditionally.
He gives me beautiful gifts and is still very much protective of me to make sure I enjoy those gifts without getting hurt.

He makes sure I sleep before him so that he can watch me sleep. Even after sleeping, he stays awake to keep me safe.

Sometimes, even without asking him, he gives me nice things.
Well, I will say he has a beautiful taste in gifts.

He listens to my heart beat and knows when I am in trouble even without telling him. He moves mountains for me.

His love is kind.
He is so proud of me.
He doesn't get angry easily. Oh No, he doesn't. I can upset him and he won't even fringe.

But I must say, he hates evil. As long as I stay away from evil we are good. Even when I do something not so nice. He doesn't yell at me, he corrects me with love.

He doesn't keep records of my wrongs.

He always tells me that I am worth dying for. I always think he is just playing around till he proved it to me.

It was me or him and he chose to die for me. He chose to give me life and have his taken. *Sad*

But I am happy now because he is alive. And he won't have to die again because he lives forever and ever.

His name is Jesus Christ. I am not selfish. I can share Him with you if you promise to treat Him well. Don't worry, He doesn't mind us sharing Him. You can share Him with millions of your friends too. The great part of it all is that He loves us equally and genuinely.

Now that I have given you permission to share Him with me, please share Him with others.

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