Friday, 29 September 2017

Friday Inspirations: Building Something Magnificent From Scavenge Hunting


Can anything good come out from things that we have used and dumped? Well, come and see. *Smiles*

I am in awe and I appalud the inventor of this. You won't believe in your widest dreams that these dumped plastic bottles can be used or were used to build beautiful and magnificent houses/buildings.

There are people who specialise in scavenging these bottles and reusing them for something beyond our human imagination. 

Nothing is a waste I tell you. No one is a waste. I am mind blown. 

Lets allow pictures do the talking now. Be Inspired!

Everything is important even the meaningless things and beyond meaningful to many. 

Stepping out from amongst the crowd to discover to see beyond what the ordinary eyes I can see and do what no one ever thought of doing or believing that it can be done is not just rewarding but an agent of change. 

Be Inspired

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  1. Wow...inspiration is an understatement! Having read your post, I am windblown at how much value we throw away. Indeed value can be found in the most common places if we care to look.


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