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7 Reasons Why Skipping Is One Highly Recommended Exercise For You


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There are different reasons why we choose to exercise. Many exercise to be fit, some to lose weight while others for health reasons.

As we all know there are different exercises meant for different parts of the body. A leg exercise might not work on your arms and vice versa. 
But what if I told you that there is an excerise that works on every
part of your body....and that it is called SKIPPING.

Why don't we see in details the beautiful benefits of doing this exercise?

- When skipping, you are doing leg exercise, arm exercise, biscep exercise, stomach exercise at the same time. 

- Skipping helps in giving you a more improved heart rate. 
The more you skipped the more you get to kiss shortness of breath goodbye. 

-It is not secret that exercising give one a glowing skin. So it is safe to say that the more you skip the more you get your skin to keep on glowing. *smiles*

- By skipping as earlier stated, you are building the muscles of your lower body and your upper body at the same time. 

- Did you know that skipping is one of the fastest ways to lose weight?
You will be amazed on the result  you will get just by skipping in a short period of time.

- Skipping is not restricted to any location or season. 
You can skip indoors or outdoors. You can skip during hot or cold matter the situation, you can enjoy your skipping. *smiles*

- Are you trying to improve your agility? Then skip more. It doesn't only improve your agility but also your balance.

With the above mentioned, you will say that it is safe to call skipping a form of exercise recommended for all right?

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