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5 Reasons Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Mouth Plaque Before It Take Cares Of You


Mouth plaque is a sticky bacteria that builds up in our gums. This plaque causes bleeding in the gums when brushing. Aside from the bleeding, it causes mouth odor no matter how many times in a day one brushes.

Simply put that mouth plaque is the number enemy to speaking to people because of the odor and also number one enemy to a beautiful smile or laughter.

Other than the above mentioned, there are 5 importamt reasons why a
visit to the dentist is important to help get rid of the mouth plaque before it gets "rid" of you. These reaaons are:

1) Tooth decay: some of the foods or drinks we take releases acids which attack our tooth enamel. Now the sticky plaques makes the acids to be kept in the teeth thereby it destroying the tooth enamel which in turn leads to tooth decay.

...And of course we all know the end result of tooth decay right? ...Losing a tooth.

2) Research shows that those with mouth plaque/gum disease have a higher chance of having heart attack.

3) It is also believed that those who have mouth plaque/gum disease tend to have dementia in the later parts of their lives.

4) Some studies also believe that poor oral hygiene is associated with low sperm count.

5) Did you also know that a few respiratory dieases are associated with poor oral hygiene?

This is possible with a visit to the Dentist

After the above is done by your dentist, the daily use of tooth floss we ensure plaques doesn't form up in your gums again. 

Here is a detailed information on the great wonders of using tooth floss. 

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  1. We have to be encouraged to visit dentist, prevention is better than cure


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