Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Feeling So Unloved And Rejected

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Many atimes we feel as though God is deaf to us or He was right there and something dangerous occurred.

Many atimes, we blame God because we believe that if He had stepped in, so so so thing won't have happened.

Many atimes we feel God is preventing us from fulfiling our dreams and living our lives by Him putting an obstacle our way.

But, what if all these things weren't so?

What if God was right there saying something to us but we were preoccupied with so many other things or our minds were too busy to hear Him telling us STOP! There is Danger Ahead!

Let's see it this way, a little child who knows nothing about how dangerous electric wires are, really wants to go where they are placed or located to play with them. But you, knowing what you know and have seen or experienced the negative impact itcan cause will try as much as possible to prevent the little child from going there. 

To you, you are preventing the child from endangering his or life but to the child you are preventing him or her from being happy and feeling fulfiled.
In order for the child to feel happy, you give him or her something more beautiful that will distract his or her attention from the said danger.

Same also with God. Many atimes God has seen we want or need certain things but He has also seen how such things can endanger our lives at that point in time. He then tries giving us what He knows is best for us.

The problem is,
1) He gives us the best in HIS TIME. But His time might not be our time hence our being impatient.
2) What He gives us might not be what we wanted but unknown to us that such things is far more better than what we ever wanted of needed.

Do you think you are feeling unloved and nelegected? Trust me, God is closer to you than the clothes you are wearing.

He needs you to:
- Trust Him with everything in you
- Believe with all of your heart that He got you and He will make ALL things excluding nothing beautiful in His time.

Remember, His ways are not are ways but His thoughts towards us are always for good to gives us a bright future.

You are alive for a reason...meaning He hasnt forgotten you...meaning He hasnt given up on you. He will perfect everything that concerns you. Now wipe those tears away my dear friend, for in no time everything will be alright.

So Smile

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  1. Sometimes it's hard to wait....but who are we to know what the future has for us....God is faithful


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