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Dear Chidinma, Please Why Do Women Cheat?


Dear Chidinma,

Thank you for your blog. God bless you for all the inspirations.

I am upset, heartbroken and in tears. I found out that the woman I am madly in love with is cheating on me. She asked for my forgiveness but I do not know how to forgive her.

Why do women cheat? I am in tears.

My guys
have given their advice on what they feel I should do but I just need a woman's view on this also. Please your readers view will help as well.


Hello Samuel,

I am sorry for what you are passing through at the moment. There are some actions or behaviours that are difficult to forgive.

Some many things are at stake here. Trust, love and everything .You may not be able to trust the person again. You may not love the person like you used to and things may not be the same again.

I really don't know how to help because I dont know why women cheat. feel if you really love someone you will love them and be contented with them.

Everything I feel boils down to greed and indiscipline .Because to be trust, there will always be someone more handsome than you or more beautiful...or more wealthier or more ...everything than you. It just boils down to how you can control yourself and dedicate your existence to loving this person.

And no, not all women cheat same also not all men cheat. Some women dedicate their lives to loving and growing with one man so also does some men.

You didn't write what your relationship with her is. Is she your wife or fiance or girlfriend?...I would say forgive but the truth is it is not easy...Or just give time, time. Give yourself time to heal...

Let me allow others to weigh in on this.

I am sorry dear. *Hugs*

Please if you have any advice to give to her, please do not hesitate to share.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Left to me....if you cheat on me once , what makes me so sure you won't do it cant make me a fool all because of love... or do you think I don't see other better men out there ( I'm a woman by the ways) ...sometimes it is good to start again after he realised...but not every woman would want looking at you will be a big disappointment's good to forgive yes It is ...but the question is , is it easy to forget? ...if you loved me then why would you be thinking about another woman ...except she seduced you but why would you fall for it?...same question goes to the women....I feel if he cheated once and asked for another chance , sincerely , and you also have the mind to forgive and love him again how you used to (bearing it in mind that he cheated )then go for it...but if not , he's not worth it ..the one God has destined for you will respect you and get rid of all temptations. ..and bear it in mind that not everybody has the same mind set as you . Some are just stupid while others don't know how to feel ......Samuel thank God she's just a mere girlfirend not wife and be strong she's not worth used the word "is cheating " so assumming you didn't find out she won't stop....she's not worth it but then again it's not easy to let go of the person you love talking from experience... but think right and do follow your heart God bless you

    1. You know it's not easy letting go especially if you love the person

  2. Later some annoying women will say "Men are scum" anyway biko leave life enjoy Nna...Samuel when love come e come....

  3. Cheating is a choice. There's no justification


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