Friday, 2 June 2017

Friday Inspirations: A Homeless Man Builds A Mansion 6 Years Later


I was surfing the internet few days ago and came across this and this touched me so much that I decided to share it as this week's Friday Inspirations post. 

People might have called you names, looked down you, saw you as a nobody, despised you, forsaken you etc. I don't know what you are going through but your story can change and will change too, just don't give up.

You might have goals, dreams and visions but they all seem too real to be true.
If anyone ever told you that a homeless man will one day own not just any home but a manison with a luxurious car to his name, you would say it was a lie right?

Whatever your story might be, it can and will change soonest. It will look like a lie to in the ears of everyone who hears it especially those who doubted and mocked you. 
E.g: A school dropout graduates with a first class degree.
A man unemployed for so many years gains employment in a multinational organisation as a manager.
A woman without a child for years gives birth to a set of triplets etc.

I don't know what your story is, but always know that anything is possible if you believe and please don't ever give up. It is not over until it is over 

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  1. Wow. The truth is, even when we try not to judge, we still silently do. Grace not to, is all we need

  2. In every situation,God got us.never give up.


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