Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Secret On How To Prepare Ukwa


Ukwa is an African breadfruit porridge. It is a meal highly rich in protein. It is mostly eaten by the Igbos in Nigerian. 

This is a meal that you just can't say NO to because of its taste and health benefits. 
Many however find it difficult to prepare this delicious delicacy.

Now the secret to preparing this meal is simple. 

Just cook it the way you prepare beans. If you want to eat it white like white beans, then cook it like that...of course you will add salt to it. If you want to prepare it like porridge beans, then cook it like that. 
The only difference is that Ukwa takes longer to prepare and you add many more ingredients into it. 

In some cases, some people add bitter leaves to it...some stock fish while preparing the porridge part of it. 

But for me, in the above picture, I just added crayfish, palm oil, smoked fish, pepper, onions and salt. 

I blended the onions together with the crayfish...

P.S- For it to have a great taste just like beans, add whatever you want to add to it when it is a bit soft. Stir and leave for about 10 minutes and viola

Food is ready!

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  1. Have never eaten it before, but looks good

  2. ukwa is a very interesting it


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