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Step By Step Guide On How To Prepare Ora/Oha Soup


Inspiring one another on how to prepare some deliciacies is part of what we do on this blog.

Today, we will be inspiring one another on how to prepare Ora/Oha soup. This is commonly called Ofe Ora. It is a very tasty Igbo dish. It is so delicious that you end of asking for more after eating it. 

Now the ingredients you need to prepare this delicious dish:

Cocoyam (cooked and pound cocoyam)
Stock fish
Smoked fish
Palm oil
Ora leaves
Ogiri( locust bean)

How to prepare Ora soup
1) Soak your stock fish and dry fish inside hot water for them to become soft and to remove dirts from them.
P.S- Cover them to make it soften faster. Also ensure that you added salt to what you soaked to help in killing any germs in it/them

2) When it becomes soft, prepare your stock by adding your washed meat, stock fish and dry fish. Then add your maggi, salt, onions (little), pepper, crayfish and leave to boil for 30 mins.

3) Put your washed ora leaves inside the stock.

P.S- You may choose to slice yours if you wish. But mine wasn't sliced.

4) Put the cooked and pound cocoyam in bits
(You can pound your cocoyam with a mortar and pestle or you can blend it.
For you to blend it, just put the cocoyam you need into your blender , then add hot water and blend.
But if your cocoyam is much, please do add it in bits), locust beans, palm oil, stir and leave to boil for another 20 to 25 mins.

And Viola! Your soup is ready. ENJOY!

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  1. Hubby loves oha soup,but am not a fan of oha sha.but very tasty when prepared well

  2. Still met my comment,yummy yummy


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