Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Ladies, How Will You Style This Dress?


Every lady needs a black dress in her closest likes we earlier inspired here on a must have in every girl's closest. 

On this blog, we have always inspired our queens (girls/ladies/women) on how to dress to look and feel like the Queen that they truly are. 

So today, you will be putting those inspiration in practice. *Smiles* Now imagine you have a wedding to attend and this dress is the outfit you will be wearing, how will you style it?

This dress is a high neck dress, so wearing a
necklace is a NO (Note that you can wear a necklace on a high neck dress but this type of high neck dress that already has a design on it is really a NO wearing one). I see myself wearing a statement earrings, a bold lip gloss/stick (red or pink), a cat eye, a chain bag and a open toe sandal or a pointed toe pump....I am not really a fan of bangles so a lovely wrist watch will be just fine. 

What about you?

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  1. As for me....with my cornrow braids on I would wear a gold necklace with a gold earring ...along side a green blue pink or basically any colour of shoe and bag (both have to be disame colour) ......plump heels then ....makeup!!!......Red detailed lipstick!

    1. Beautiful!!!

      I forgot to add a neatly styled hair.

  2. I would rock it with a red stilettos, red purse and an emerald neck piece.

  3. I will start by saying, I'm not fond of jewelleries or accessories. I don't like stuffs dangling on my neck and wrist... to me the aptness of this outfit; lips- electric purple lipstick (matte), aquamarine stilettos n a matching colour pouch. Ofcourse, straight long centre parting


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