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How To Prepare Vegetable Yam Porridge Within 20 Minutes


Eating out is fantastic! Atleast there isn't anything wrong in you spoiling yourself once in a while. But whe one decides to ALWAYS eat out, the end result might be you going broke. 

That's why we have taken it upon ourselves to inspire one another on step by step guide on how to prepare some food delicacies. You can find more recipes by searching this blog with the hashtag #Lifestyle

Today, we will be sharing how to prepare a delicious and nutritious vegetable yam porridge with 20 minutes.
The ingredients neeeded:
Palm oil
Fish (smoked or dried...depending on you but I used chicken)
Grinded crayfish (if you choose)

How to prepare vegetable yam porridge
1) Peel and wash the yam.
2) Put the peeled and washed yam inside your pot and add a considerable quantity of water into it. Then add salt and leave to boil.

3) When the yam is done, drain it in a basket.

4) Put it back inside the pot with the pot still on fire, add your sliced and already washed vegetables, onions, pepper, a cube of maggi if necessary, salt, your fish (smoked, cooked or dried depending on you).
Stir and leave on fire for 5 minutes 

and viola, food is ready!

P.S- You don't need to add waterbecauseg the water from the vegetable when it steams in the pot it is enough.

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  1. This has been my favourite in recent times. I made it twice this month.
    Thanks for sharing, I have got to make little correction.

    1. Dauda, where have you been? Hope you're doing fine.


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