Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Battered, Worthless And Useless Being...A Woman


Yesterday been the 8th of March was International Women's Day. Women all over the world were celebrated.

You ask yourself, what is the meaning of the word woman or who is a woman? It is safe to say that a woman is the mother of the Universe. God of course is the creator of the Universe but the mother of the Universe is a woman. A woman in her own nature has to be involved for the world to be in existence...mother nature...humans...animals...without the female species all these won't be in existence. 

A woman, so powerful a creature but considered as one of the most powerless creatures ever created if not the most powerless. She is
disregarded and belittle in and by the society. By the same society she raised.

She went through pains, unimaginable pains to birth those who form the society. Researchers likened the pains in child birth or labor pains as been fried with hot oil or even worse. Yet in those pains she smiled and raised society to who and what it is today. 

During the period of her carrying society in her womb before birthing her, she suffered all manners of pains, be it waist pains, back ache, legs pains...just name it. She gained so much weight inorder for her body to accommodate the human growing inside of her. After birthing society, she struggled with the weight gain. Her hair fell off. she stayed awake most nights to see that who she is raising is comfortable sleeping. She feel sick but she dare not take sick leave. 

She became:
- A nanny
- A chef
- A cleaner
- A gardener
- A nurse
- A home maker
- A teacher
- A trainer
- A counselor
- An inspirer
- A consultant ...and the list goes on and on

But yet, she is been disregarded, told that she does nothing and told that her only place is in the sad.

In her home or in many of her kind of homes, they are being abused physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and psychologically. But they are told by the society to stay back for the sake of the kids and just bear the pains. They are told by society to give a second chance...infact to give many chances until there is no more chance to give. 

But for how long?

She/they are always in the media. But for the wrong reasons. Either for being domestically abused with bruises all over her body or being cheated on by the one she loved or being troubled psychologically as a result of obeying the words of society when told to keep quite and endure.

Yet she is still considered as a powerless being. But for how long?

She is being considered worthless and denied top positions in organisations or been told that she can't attain a particular height, that the only place she is deemed fit is in the kitchen.

Many see it, many know it but they fail to acknowledge it. But what do they see and know?

They can see and they also know that she is a strong, powerful and relentless being. 
She is a homemaker but yet an amazon.
She increases whatever she is given. 
She is a hero.
She is a fighter.
She is a survivor.
She is...A WOMAN. 

To all women out there, you are loved, you are worthy, you are priceless, you are a superhero.

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