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From Being A Poor Orphan To A Well Respected Queen


When her parents died at a young age, she might have thought to herself ''who will ever treat her well and adore her like a daughter''. She probably thanked the heavens when her Uncle chose to adopt and treat her as though she were his own. 

She was poor but contented...Does she have a choice not be? 

Minding her own business while the Heavens were working on her behalf. Heaven was arranging a miracle that seemed like a lie for her...

But what was that miracle?
A Queen in her magnificent self, made a mistake that cost her everything including her throne. This means that the second to the highest seat in the kingdom is now vacant. But who will fill that space? Can a kingdom go on without a Queen?

Mysteriously it was this poor orphaned girl that got enthroned. But how? Did you just read it was a mystery? No...Not really, you will soon see why.

Hundreds of virgins were called to auction for this prestigious role...of course only one person will be crowned.

Minding her business, this orphaned girl was called amongst many and right from the moment she stepped her feet into the palace to begin the auctioning process she found favour in the sight of the Chief Guard.

Now as a virgin, before you go meet the King, you have the right to choose whatever it is you want to be adorned in and apparels and jewelries. One by one all the virgins were denied the role. 

 Now, the day when it was this poor orphan girl's turn to meet the King, she didn't say she wanted this or that. She was indeed contented and applied wisdom.   

She asked the Chief Guard what does he advice her to wear that will appease the King...and of course, she was advice accordingly.

She went to meet with the King and the moment he set his eyes on her, he fell in love with her and immediately ordered that she be crowned the Queen. 

Now mind you, this oprahaned girl might not have been the most beautiful amongst the hundreds of girls who were called though it was noted that she was indeed beautiful. 

She didn't bother wearing the most expensive or the most flashy jewelries and apparels. She didn't go for what was in vogue, she went for what was needed. She went for the simple they say, less is more. 

But could all these have made her to be chosen?

This was what was said at the beginning as the miracle that seemed like a lie. Right from the palace the miracle already started with her been favoured.

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Now who is this girl, she is no other than Haddasah...Queen Esther.

Lesson- Your past doesn't determine your future.You might have be disappointed or had notable disappointments in life but that doesn't mean that your tomorrow isn't bright. For God to keep you this long and has brought you thus far be rest assured that He is preparing a miracle that seems like a lie. 

...Just trust Him, be steadfast in Him and be still for He will always come through for you...

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  1. When God is involved in a man's life, nothing can stop him. Esther is a product of grace redefined. I particularly love her audacity, boldness and selflessness. She is indeed to so many womany nowadays.
    Thank you Chidinma for this masterpiece.

    You can also check my blog and be inspired too.


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